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Black Onyx; a deep, shining and alluring stone which assists one in absorbing positive energies from the universe. It promotes gratitude by assisting with understanding. 


Turquoise is a healer of the soul, it brings one peace of mind, protection, guidance and clarity. The vibrant and rich colour of turquoise is reminiscent of an everlasting summer.


Citrine holds the power of the sun; it is a energiser, a cleanser and regenerator. These properties are reflected with the warm golden tones. It brings happiness and generosity while projecting joy into the world.


Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone which embodies purity, unconditional love and infinite peace. It can open the heart to bring a deep inner healing and self-love. It ensures receptivity to beauty and love of all kinds. It provides trust and positive affirmation. 


Aqua Chalcedony is a gemstone with a dreamy aqua colour that is reminiscent of water found in the oceans of tropical islands. It is a stone that promotes purity, calmness and tranquility.


Moonstone; a magical light filled gemstone that flickers colours of the rainbow is a stone of new beginnings. It is connected to the moon and intuition. It brings an emotional balance by encouraging empathy and understanding. It is a stone to bring you calmness.  


Howlite is a fresh and vibrant white gemstone with a unique, natural grey marbling throughout the stone. This stone helps to clam the mind and brings one understanding and confidence of ones self.


Red Coral is bright and vibrant orange red based stone from the ocean. Red Coral is an energising and humanising stone as it holds the pure energies from the ocean. It brings vitality to the body and balances the mind and spirit.



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